What the heck is this website, who is this Korey person and why am I here? 



A little about me...

As a proud English major, I am passionate about the written word, and about reading and writing in general. Professionally, I have written for a number of sites, including personal blogs as well as nationally circulated publications. However, I would be remiss not to mention my Anthropology major as well, which has given me an analytical insight into the study of culture at all levels. With an interest in writing, as well as politics, culture, international affairs, and human rights, my career goals are centered around writing for a purpose.

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Personally speaking...

Korey is a 76-year-old grandma stuck in a 23-year-old’s body. She prefers tea to coffee, Taylor Swift to Katy Perry, and her dog to just about anything else. She’s a rookie writer who’s written her whole life, and loves to describe herself in paradoxes. With persistent begging (and promises of wine/whiskey) she can be persuaded to stay out past 9 p.m.

Oh, and this is Korey: